Magni Telescopic Handlers


Rotating telescopic handler

Updated: 02.20.2019 MAGNI Serial # 2215
  • Stabilizers: scissors
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 6,000.00 kg
  • Capacity at maximum height: 2,500.00 kg
  • Maximum lifting height: 45.64 m
  • Maximum reach: 33.50 m
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6,000 kg Capacity
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The RTH 6.46 SH is the tallest rotating telescopic handler in the world. It can reach a maximum lifting height of 46 m, while guaranteeing a maximum load of six tonnes. It is the perfect solution for building and construction sites that require a boom with a vast reach and the ability to lift very large loads. For operator safety, the leveller and scissor stabilizers have a wide support base in order to provide excellent stability in all scenarios, thus guaranteeing the machine can be supported on all types of terrain. Doubled-armed scissor stabilizers are excellent for use in tight spaces. Even when only partially stabilized, the machine is designed to provide the best possible working load diagram on each side. When, instead, the stabilizers are fully extended, they ensure the machine performs to an incredibly high standard around 360°, thus allowing it to work on a very wide stabilized base. This model allows the operator to employ one accessory in two different modes: strength mode M2 and stability mode M1. The first operates with a limited boom length but can support very large loads. In contrast, the second allows for a vast boom range but the load capacity is more restricted. It is compatible with a vast range of accessories on account of its RFID system, which enables automatic recognition and creates the dynamic working load diagrams accordingly. This telehandler is the idea solution to a long list of requirements in the construction and manufacturing sectors.