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Updated: 03.26.2018 Serial # 5000


Release the sling wherever you want.


It will reduce risk of injury since there's no need for men to climb in dangerous drop off zone. Warns your staff about the imminent drop off thanks to a sound alarm activated by pressing the first button of the remote control. Confirm the drop off by pressing the second button of the remote control (over 4 seconds, the release is automatically disarmed).

Easily handled

Light, The sling release is easy to handle with one hand Compact and cylindrical, it provides greater load stability and will not jam. Autonomous, it is equipped with 2 batteries that can be charged (charger included). When not in use, a bag can be provided for easy storage (Optional). You can choose your label colour.


Our sling release is patent-protected in North America (Canada and USA).    
It has been certified by a lifting equipment engineer and complies with ASME b30.20.

Adpated to your needs 

Choose the Sling Release model according to your load (5000 or 10,000 lbs).

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