Cropac tiene grúas para alquiler a corto y largo plazo, para ayudarlo a manejar mejor su negocio.

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Contáctenos para todas sus necesidades de repuestos para grúas

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Tenemos montacargas industriales de marca Taylor Machine Works, de 8 a 60 toneladas

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CROPAC alquiler

Cropac tiene grúas y montacargas para alquiler a corto y largo plazo, para ayudarlo a manejar mejor su negocio.

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Terex Crane’s largest Canadian distributor Cropac Equipment Inc. with locations in Ontario, Québec, Alberta, and British Columbia is already the official Tower Crane Partner for Ontario and Quebec; with the addition of Atlantic Canada they now service all of Eastern Canada.

“Cropac is committed to expanding our product offerings in all regions, this is an opportunity to better serve our existing customer base in these areas, as well as tap into some new markets” 

Bill Finkle  –  President of Cropac Equipment. 

“We are excited for this opportunity to develop the Atlantic Canadian tower crane market, and we know our customer’s will not be disappointed with the Terex product or Cropac’s expansion into these areas”

James Graham  –  Business Development Manager Cropac Equipment

Over the past year Cropac has doubled down in the busy Canadian tower crane industry, they are the only dealer north of the 49th parallel who is  stocking NEW units for sale. This is a huge advantage when serving their client base because many times a buyer cannot wait for production or  shipping time from the manufacturing facility located in Fontannafredda, Italy.  By stocking machines on the ground in Oakville, ON. they can often  eliminate most of this delay for their clients, which could mean the difference between winning or loosing a project bid. Current stock orders include  the Flat Top CTT332-16, the Luffing CTL260-18, and the most popular Hammerhead in all North America, the Terex/Peiner SK415.

“We understand that a tower crane is the heart of the jobsite and there are big implications if it stops beating, sometimes bringing a project to a screeching halt. That is why we focused on stocking the correct parts and delivering to our clients as quickly as possible to keep them working”

Josh McKenzie – Tower Crane Parts Rep. Cropac Equipment

Cropac’s appointment as Terex’s official tower crane partner in Atlantic Canada has already paid dividends as Cosmos Developments recently took delivery of a NEW Terex CTT132-6 Flat Top Tower Crane in Halifax, NS. Perter Giannoulis, President of Cosmos Developments, had been considering this purchase for quite some time and he is excited to realize the benefits on this project.  The crane was erected in January 2018 at the Gradhaven Estates (Phase 2) in the Clayton Park West area of Halifax, a luxury residential project owned and operated by Cosmos.  The crane will serve to drastically speed up material handling duties on the jobsite as well as reduce labor costs by performing all the heavy lifting. After Phase 2 is complete it will move over to start on the final phase.

Cosmos Towers

A working crane is a profitable crane, and Terex tower cranes are built to work. They are well suited for heavy lifting and placement duties on the most challenging jobsites. They can also help save time on other jobsite duties by easily moving materials from one area to another. From the efficient setup that gets you working quickly to the variety of jobsite duties it can handle, Terex tower cranes give great value every day.