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New 2018 Terex Comedil CTT332-16 TEREX Mise jour: 05.02.2018

Power under control: 16 t max. capacity hoist winch with multiple operator modes and positioning
Reach buildings up to 90 floors: 720 m rope drum capacity
One modular counterjib of max 17,1 m length for all jib configurations to meet the most diversified job site needs
3 t capacity at max. length
Slewing with excellent maneuverability and high precision

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16 TN Capacité
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New 2018 Terex Comedil CTL260-18 TEREX Mise jour: 05.02.2018

18 ton Luffing jib tower crane with 55 Meter jib

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18 TN Capacité
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Potain Igo T 130 POTAIN Mise jour: 11.06.2018

Variable mast heights
Multiple operational jib configurations
Optional Ultra View cab or Cab 800
Offsettable jib for obstacle avoidance
Wireless remote control

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8 TN Capacité
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Potain Hup 40-30 POTAIN Mise jour: 05.09.2018

New crane technology offers up to 16 configurations for more lifting options
Telescopic mast with two heights, three jib positions and several configurations with jib tip removed or folding jib
High Performance Lifting™ (HPL™) technology allows you to use your highest operational speed while maintaining your maximum lifting load
High Performance Slewing (HPS) delivers superior motion control while slewing the load

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4 TN Capacité
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1997 Terex Peiner SK315-16 - TS211 Peiner Mise jour: 05.12.2018

70m (229.6) Jib Length
Tip Capacity 3.1 ton (6,820 lbs.) at 70m
Max Capacity 16 ton (35,200 lbs.)

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